SmarterASP requires you to have your own dedicated IP address, which is likely to be standard with any shared webhost. For SmarterASP this currently costs $24/yr. No need to read any further, at least for SmarterASP, if you don't have a dedicated IP, and don't want that fee.

  • Windows host where you have access to create web directories and files
  • A local linux box, or VirtualBox running Linux

Paying the bills

Step 1

Let's Encrypt provides free SSL certiicates. The following has been simplified from The CertBot Pages for manual offline setup.

Be sure you have access to a Linux system, such as Kubuntu, or Ubuntu. You can install these using VirtualBox on your Windows desktop.

Step 2

Open a terminal, and type these commands:
chmod a+x certbot-auto

Step 3

Next in a terminal window run:
sudo ./certbox-auto certonly --manual

This will prompt you for your admin password, and then the website address(es). Then it will pause for you to create your signature.

Create the directories it requests in the first line, such as:
/.well-known/acme-challenge/{your hash}
Now create a file in that directory named index.htm and paste in the response it expects. This will be a copy of the directory you just created, plus a "." and another string. Save the file, and confirm you see the hash if you paste the URL.

Step 4

Now press Enter in the terminal window, and if all went well, it will confirm your domain. If you see any errors, restart the process making sure you have the hashes exactly right: zeros/O's and 1's/L's can be tricky. If all went well Certbot should have saved your certificate in /etc/Letsencrypt/live/{your domain}/ which you can upload on the SSL tab of SmarterASP.


Unfortunately this won't make your domain's webmail use https directly through your site. You'll probably need to use a direct https link to your hosted mail server, which you can find on your DNS page. Contact support for more info.

And you'll also need to renew these certificates every 90 days.

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