All credit goes to ethanolol for creating this fantastic script to get rid of the insanely annoying bots that have taken over Kongregate Chat

Paying the bills

Step 1: Install Tampermonkey

Step 2: Download Script

Download (right-click, Save As, or you'll get an error that Chrome can't install the extension) the javascript file here, and save it to your drive.
You may be able to install it directly here, but I got a Chrome warning it couldn't install from this site.

Step 3: Configure

If you need to manually install the script, open Chrome's Extensions and click the Details button for Tampermonkey.
At the top right, click the Utilities tab. Then in the File section, click the Choose File button.
Select the file that you saved in Step 1. At the top left, click Install.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy a bot-free chat experience! And if you see ethanolol, inquire if you can donate for their efforts!

Extra Credit

If or when the bot changes up their message, in the Tampermonkey settings, Installed userscripts tab, click the script to edit it. On the lines starting at line 24, just add any additional filters and save!

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