The Addictive Stuff

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Decrement Increment Random Include first two characters (might result in invalid URLs)

Refresh Rate: s

A Few Tips

Decrement will start with the URL and count back. Perfect for pasting someone's recently posted screenshot URL, and seeing what has been posted recently. Increment will count foward, you might run out of valid URLs if you're starting with a recently posted URL.

The Random option randomizes the characters after the initial "mo" in the link. You can manually change the "mo" and it will generate new links with those initial characters, but they aren't guaranteed to be valid URLs. Travel to the future or the past. You can click the checkbox if you want all the parameters randomized.

You can switch between incremental and random modes on the fly without stopping and restarting.

If you don't get the automation stopped in time to catch that perfect pic, the picture tab/window maintains its history, just stop the process and click Back to get to what you were looking for. New clicks of Start always generate a new tab/window. Closing the tab/window stops the process.

If you don't clear your cookies, the URL will be the last that you loaded. You don't need to accept my privacy policy, I neither collect nor store anything about you. That's the way it should be. There is a Google ad at the bottom, click it or block it, that's your choice! ;)

This is an amusing side deversion currently in progress, suggestions are welcome. Cotli room 3.

Paying The Bills...

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